Home Rule

What exactly is Home Rule?

The goal of home rule is to facilitate local control over  a county, city, municipality, or township; minimizing State intervention into local affairs.  Granted by the state legislature, home rule gives  a county commission or board of supervisors  jurisdiction over its unincorporated areas for important area specific issues.  Without this, the county, city , municipality, or township is simply an extension of state government and subject to its “one size fit’s all” rule.  In all cases of home rule state law continues to prevail over statewide concerns and home rule legislation must fall within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions.

Why is it a benefit for the Eastern Panhandle?

Not every area within WV is the same.  As Eastern Panhandle residents we know that better than most.  Considering our distance from the majority of the State, our booming economy and growth, providing a substantial financial benefit all WV residents, it is appropriate to conclude that our needs are  much different from the majority of other WV Counties.  Who better to prepare and plan for our future than the local officials, elected by the residents in our area?

The State house rules with a “one size fits all” mentality and while it works for the majority of WV , it hasn’t for the Eastern Panhandle.

Example of a home rule benefit would be:


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